Good Evening my dears, are you well?

Today I decided to go oldschool/Tim Burton/baby goth, channel a little bit of Nemi Montoya and you know what that means, black, white and stripes everywhere! Throw in some Minty green pigtails and you’re set. It was really fun wearing this outfit, I cut the feet off a pair of stripy tights that were slightly too small and made them into leggings and the undertop is another pair of stripy tights that had lots of holes in them. Doing little DIYthings like this always makes me happy, drawing closer to the end of my degree also makes me happy (and also a little sad, but mostly happy at the moment!)

We went in search of sandals today, my feet like to be difficult and make it so that I can’t wear the vast majority of sandals that seem to exist so I had to hunt some down. Luckily there’s a really good (and cheap) shoe shop in town so Steven and I both got new shoes from there.

I also finally invested in a foot spa the other day, after months of moaning about my feet hurting when I get home from work. It cost me £5 second hand and I have to say it is a pretty amazing invention, it really helped me when I used it last night. I hate having to wear really flat shoes for work, I end up wearing them so much that my feet are really mad with me by the end! Does anyone else have this problem?

Stripes will never fall out of favour with me, nor will lacey black dresses or skirts.

And last but certainly not least, a rather magical find on Steven’s part the other day. A glass tea set! As a rather obsessive creature when it comes to cute tea related objects this made me extremely excited. I drink a lot of herbal teas which are usually a really nice colour, now I will be able to see them brewing and look at the colour whilst I drink them. Next on my list is one of those flowering tea sets with the little glass teapot.