Meet one of my favourite discoveries of 2011, Graze!

I’ve been debating with myself whether to make this post for some time now. Food isn’t usually the focus of this blog (as I’m sure you know!) and I was worried that it might seem just a little too out of the blue. The little voice in my brain going on about this magical creation of healthy snacks begged to differ however, that girl is really crazy about this stuff! So I thought I would put my fears aside and make a post about health food, really good, tasty health food.

I found out about Graze around the start of this year from one of my good herbalist friends. The premise sounded simple, you sign up and for £3.50 a week they send you a box of randomly assorted healthy treats to graze on at your desk. On further inspection I also realised that when you sign up they send you a box free and then another half price, that was me sold! Interesting looking food for free? Count me in.

The idea behind this site is to encourage more snacking on healthy foods and less turning to chocolate (as tasty as it is!). They source all of their food from organic farms which not only focus on producing high quality healthy food but also on making sure the workers are well paid, well looked after and that their farming processes are eco-friendly. Their packaging is also completely recycleable.

Every week they send you four little tubs of food containing things such as seeds, nuts, dried fruits, flapjacks and a whole host of other things. You rate what you like, love, would like to try or conversely would like to bin which then forms the basis of what they send you in the future. You can choose to bin products containing certain ingredients, such as peanuts or chilli or… pretty much anything you don’t like.

What’s more, they include a little booklet each week detailing the nutritional information of your box. Upon inspection it all seems to measure up to the healthy image that the site promotes.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t exactly thrill at the idea of rushing out to buy bags of seeds to eat. Frankly most health food bores me with it’s presentation so something like this is fantastic for me. It’s an easy way to try lots of different healthy snacks, they do all the work for you and you get the satisfaction of trying new foods whilst knowing that they’re also good for you. I also love that they’re really easy to share so if you do end up with something you don’t like (it’s bound to happen) you can give it to someone who does like it. I’ll let you in on a secret here, my rats probably look forward to me getting my boxes as much as I do because they end up eating abound a quarter of it every week.

You can also get as many boxes sent a week as you like, although obviously the cost adds up. If you wanted to you could have a box every day. You can also send a gift box to somebody else’s address or use a sort of ‘gift card’ function to buy a set of boxes for somebody (i.e they get one every week for 10 weeks or more)

Another great aspect of this site is that they reward you for joining (free box and half price box ahoy!) and also reward you for getting other people into it. It works like this – you join up and get a code which you can then share online, through email or through little flyers that you can give to others. Basically you can share it wherever and however you like.

When someone joins up using your code you get the choice to take £1 off your next box, or alternatively you can spend it on the farming that goes on to grow, harvest and send the food. Every time someone uses your code you get this option so the more you share the cheaper it gets.