Friday, 10 July 2009

black and white

I apologise for the distinct lack of outfit photos on this blog recently, for about three months now I've completely lacked any desire to put nice or fun clothes on. I don't like looking boring but somehow I lapsed into a state of wearing generally uninteresting clothing.
I bought ELLE yesterday and it came with a booklet documenting the Autumn/Winter fashions, generally the contents wasn't that spectacular however I did garner that there seems to have been a surge of 80s fashion recently and that tends to be fun!
I dislike the seriousness of some fashions, catwalk is really fun because you get to see the real ideas there, they're not tamed for anyone and show the pure intention of the designer. I hate how these magazines say 'pick this and this from this look but not this, be safe!'
Why? Why be safe? It would be so much more fun to pick the more outrageous and interesting elements of the outfits, then the highstreet would reflect that and the choices out there would be more fun.
There were a few pictures of Alexander McQueen's collection and that inspired me. Generally these magazines will show a few little pictures of his work but try to stay away from it considering how it's supposedly so 'outrageous' and too far fetched.
I don't get it, it's so much more exciting, all the details and the concepts are so cool and interesting.
shirt: my boyfriends (from Ebay)
petticoats: Ebay
belt: France when I was about 12.
boots: Primark
hat: handmade

I attempted a little quiff type of hairstyle, it's quite popular at the moment judging by the magazines and I thought it looked fun.
It was simple to do and I like the effect.
Basically I took my fringe and pulled it forward into my face, got a hair brush and back combed it many many times and then put a little of my boyfriends hair wax into it, back combed it again a few times and then pulled it back onto my head, smoothed it out with my fingers and a little brush and then pinned the ends down on the top of my head.

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